Cake No.2 – Romance

This cake is also my favourite, I love the different textures and its imperfection. Rough edges, layers of buttercream, edible paper from @cakeprint 
I just love it! 
Btw I would get real flowers from @fioribloemen, but this one is a display cake, which will last for weeks/months. But with real flowers this cake would be even more stunning. 😍😍😍
The cake was made for the wedding fair at La France – Oegstgeest, which is by the way a beautiful venue. 🙂

Mermaid cake

Got a last minute order, because the original baker dropped out. Challenge accepted – I thought. I got the order around 10 am on Friday and I also had to cover and decorate the geode cake which you might have seen. And I was finished by 1:30 am. 

Yes, it would have been quicker without my little boy running around the apartment, but luckily my husband arrived home from work in time for dinner and the bedtime routine. 

I was pretty proud as these cakes take a lot of time to make (well for me anyway). 
It was a lemon cake with vanilla pudding cream and raspberries. The customer was really happy that I saved the party and so was I. 😊