Beautiful white wedding cake with golden ribbon and real flowers

Today was a very busy day. I had to finish this beautiful wedding cake, deliver it and then get back on time to go out for a lovely surprise dinner with my husband.  Even though I worked a lot today, I felt like the perfect birthday. I love my job and enjoy making cakes, I love driving and to finish it all off, I had a lovely time with my family.
I also got two amazing gifts: my son started crawling properly today and my husband will take us to Italy. It’s gonna be our first holiday as a family of three. 
I feel extremely grateful and happy. 

About the cake: the top tier is passionfruit-mango, the 2nd tier is strawberry, the third tier is forest fruit and the bottom tier is… well… it’s a dummy cake.  But shhh… Don’t tell anyone. 

white elegant wedding cake with real flowers and golden ribbon for tier