Cute dog fault line cake

Recently fault line cakes became a big thing and I fell in love immediately. It basically means that the cake looks like it’s broken in the middle and you can see what’s inside the cake. I have seen some more creative ones, but I wanted to come up with something more interesting. Rossella asked me to make a birthday cake for her cute 10 year old dog (well, the cake was for the guests, but it’s to celebrate their dog). 🤗 So I thought this is it, this is my chance to come up with something new. It wasn’t easy to plan the steps, but I am very very happy with the result. I’ll probably post some more fault line cakes in the future, at least I hope that some people will order something for which I can implement this special technique. I’m hoping that a bride will fall in love with the idea too, as I would love to make a 3 tier cake where the middle tier uses this “cracking” effect. 🤗 @ Leiden, Netherlands