White Fang book cake

Naomie asked me to make a White Fang cake for her daughter’s birthday. She is growing up fast (just turned 7) and she is getting more and more into movies from cartoons. Her favourite right now is White Fang on Netflix. I have to admit that I had already seen it because I put it on for my baby to watch, however by the end of the movie I realised that I was the only one who had been watching it.
So I really liked the movie and I was very happy to take Naomie’s order. I suggested to go with a book shaped cake to make it more interesting. She liked the idea, so I got started!
First I put the movie on and wrote down a few quotes and then I took some screenshots. I put it all together in MS Word and once it looked nice, I sent it to Cakeprint – Eetbare foto’s to get it printed on edible paper. I was happy with the result and started working on the cake. Finding the right size pan, baking the cake, whipping the cream, layering the cake, carving it, covering it, painting it and then at the end gluing the sheets on and adding the finishing touches. It was all a lot of work but it was so worth it. I got some great feedback and also a really lovely video from Naomie’s daughter thanking me for it. It made me tearful…  Also it made me realise again just how lucky I am that I can do what I love to do for a living.
This was my first open book shaped cake, so I was really nervous about it, but luckily my mum is an expert so we had a few video chats about the different steps and tricks involved.  Thank you very much Tortatanya