Raspberry cheesecake

Happy wedding anniversary, my dear husband, Sam! Thank you for a wonderful first year! 
I tried this new cheesecake recipe for the first time. I found it here: http://www.thekitchn.com/how-to-make-perfect-cheesecake-recipe-cooking-lessons-from-the-kitchen-110760 I used fresh raspberries and freshly made raspberry jam instead of cherries, and it was very delicious.
Also, I put the decoration from our wedding cake on top, which looked very lovely on the cake. 🙂

Karl Pilkington cake

Someone told me that I may be the only baker who has made two Karl Pilkington themed cakes. 🙂
Here, I tried a new technique on a drip cake called buttercream transfer. I really enjoyed it and will use it more often.
It’s lemoncake, alright? 🙂

Star Trek / Enterprise spaceship cake

To Boldly Bake What No Man Has Baked Before… 😉
Okey, okey, the original sounds like: “To Boldly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before…”
I love making cakes for geeks as I am/was a bit of a geek myself too. 🙂
Had a great time making this Star Trek cake.
It was the first time that I worked with “modelling paste”, and I definitely will use it again. 🙂 (used it for the Enterprise spaceship)
It is a mascarpone-raspberry cake covered with buttercream and painted with airbrush.