Healthy cupcakes

Gluten-, sugar- and lactose-free cupcakes 
They are sooooo delicious 

Just for your information, here are the ingredients:
Almond flour, cacao powder, coconut oil, apple sauce, coconut sugar, sea salt, cream of tartar, eggs, lactose-free cream, agave syrup, raspberries.

healthy cupcakes

Lego cupcakes

Lego cupcakes for a birthday celebration. Reminded me of my lovely childhood. I grew up playing Lego a lot with my brother. He is my older brother and therefore he was the boss. He told me which parts I have to find, and he got to build everything. I was the “locator”.  Of course I didn’t like that and for revenge I built some cute houses and offices out of his badass cars and pirate ships when he wasn’t there. Good old times, right?

lego cupcakes

Football supporter cupcakes

Are there any football supporters here? (Or football supporters’ wives?  )
Are you following the World Cup? I have to admit I haven’t had time to watch any of the games yet, but I hope I will be able to see the finals at least. 
These cupcakes were made for a football supporter who just turned 36. Happy Birthday!

football supporter cupcakessoccer supporter cupcakes

Yellow submarine birthday cake

We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, hmm hmm hmm hmm hmm… (me singing)

This cake actually caused a lot of headache yesterday. I only had one day to make it from scratch and I was also home alone with our baby boy most of the day. To make it even more challenging, it was 26°C in the kitchen. My buttercream and ganache were melting too. I was thinking about giving up and not doing 3D cakes anymore, as they are absolutely not cooperative creations.  They just don’t care what I want, they form all kinds of shapes regardless of what they are meant to be. 
Meanie cakes.
Anyway, at the end it all started to come together and around midnight I looked at it and I was happy with it. 
(By the time I cleaned up the kitchen – which looked like Jake, my 8 months old son, had been baking, not me – it was 1:00 am.) I went to bed exhausted but happy.  So maybe I won’t give up on 3D cakes just yet.  At least I really challenge myself once in awhile.

I hope you all like it, the customer absolutely loved it. I’m still waiting for their feedback to hear weather the 11 year old The Beatles fan liked it too. 

Spaceship cupcakes

Back from our holiday I went straight to the kitchen to bake muffins. These spaceship cupcakes are for a birthday party.
I made blueberry buttercream, because blueberries are natural colouring.  I tried a spare cupcake and it was delicious. I actually always have a spare one just to make sure that it is tasty enough and meets my standards. The top is made of fondant and printed edible waffle paper. I was still cutting them at around midnight so that I can be ready by morning for the pick-up. 

I love blueberries.
And cupcakes.
And space ships. 

Thanks to Snow Smokey for the beautiful drawing again. 

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