Kingsday giveaway

Visit us on Kingsday at Koningsdag Lage Mors, sign up for our newsletter and win a delicious cake!

The details: Anyone who visits our stall on the 27th of April, 2018 can join by signing up for our newsletter with a valid email address. We only use your email address for our own marketing purposes and we won’t give it to anyone else.

The cake: You can win a delicious 10 slice vanilla cake: we will choose the design, but you can pick the date you want it as long as it’s before the 31st of July, 2018. Please note we may have other orders which coincide with your chosen date and those must be our priority.

The selection: We will select one email address at random in the evening of the 27th of April. We will send an email to the winner and he/she has to reply within 48 hours. (Don’t forget to check your spam folder.) If we do not get a reply, we will choose another winner who then also has 48 hours to reply (and so on…).

Unicorn cake

Another unicorn cake, but this time it is also a rainbow cake on the inside and there were hidden sweets in the center. That way, as you slice open the cake, not only is there a rainbow shining down on the birthday girl, but it’s also raining M&Ms. It’s like a dream 


Nijntje/Miffy birthday cake – chocolate drip cake

Jenny’s boy turned 3 this week. When we talked about what kind of cake he’d like, she suggested a chocolate cake in the theme of popular Dutch children’s character Nijntje. Sticking to her suggestion I decided to make a chocolate cake with a fondant Nijntje figure on top sitting in front of her own miniature chocolate cake. My brother said it’s a “Cakeception” (like inception, but a cake within a cake instead of a dream within a dream…).

Pink unicorn cake

Another unicorn cake. I’m in love with this one (as well). 🙂
It’s light vanilla cream and fresh strawberries inside.
I have another another unicorn cake order for this week too. I hope I will get more and more because they are so fun. 🙂
I guess you could say that unicorns make me happy.