Wedding cake for Joyce and Thomas

Yesterday Joyce and Thomas celebrated their love by getting married here in Leiden. I was lucky enough to get involved in the preparation and set up the dessert table. The main cake was a semi-naked drip cake with real flowers filled with my famous mascarpone-raspberry flavour. Besides the cake there were 25 cupcakes and 50 mini cupcakes: vanilla, lemon, chocolate and raspberry flavours. It was super exciting to set the table and finally see them all together.
Congratulations to the newly weds! 


Vintage circus cake

My dear husband just turned 30. This is a big milestone, and it’s true that his life (our life) is about to change with the arrival of our baby next month.  We celebrated his birthday at the Sherlock Holmes Pub in The Hague, which was a really good experience. I highly recommend the place. 
The theme was “vintage circus” and I made this cake for him. He loved it as did the others.  Banana-chocolate cream filling just to make it even more special.