End of an era – cake in a jar :)

I have been working as a postlady (postbezorger) for more than three years. Today is my last day, so I prepared some treats for my colleagues.
It’s been a long time and it feels really good that my reason for leaving is to focus more on Floury Hands. When I came to the Netherlands and started working as a postlady, I kept looking for a more suitable job and I was sad I couldn’t find the right thing. Now I am extremely grateful that I didn’t find anything and that it pushed me to work hard on my business. I am so happy that Floury Hands is going better and better all the time and I want to thank you all for this. You all made this happen! 

cake in a jar

Beautiful white wedding cake with golden ribbon and real flowers

Today was a very busy day. I had to finish this beautiful wedding cake, deliver it and then get back on time to go out for a lovely surprise dinner with my husband.  Even though I worked a lot today, I felt like the perfect birthday. I love my job and enjoy making cakes, I love driving and to finish it all off, I had a lovely time with my family.
I also got two amazing gifts: my son started crawling properly today and my husband will take us to Italy. It’s gonna be our first holiday as a family of three. 
I feel extremely grateful and happy. 

About the cake: the top tier is passionfruit-mango, the 2nd tier is strawberry, the third tier is forest fruit and the bottom tier is… well… it’s a dummy cake.  But shhh… Don’t tell anyone. 

white elegant wedding cake with real flowers and golden ribbon for tier

White wedding cake with gold

T’is the season to get married. 
Another beautiful wedding cake for a lovely couple who got married today. I wish Jennifer and Mike all the happiness and I hope they really liked the cake. 
*UPDATE: they messaged in the morning saying “the cake was very tasty”* 
Top tier: vanilla cake with raspberry buttercream filling
Middle tier: vanilla cake with lemon buttercream filling
Bottom tier: vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream filling
#loveisintheairelegant white wedding cake with golden ribbon and real flowers