Choose a cake

Cakes – options for the base:

  • vanilla sponge
  • cocoa (chocolate) sponge
  • crumb base for cheesecake

Filling – options for the cream:

  • plain chocolate
  • chocolate-orange
  • chocolate with strawberry
  • chocolate-rum
  • vanilla-raspberry (not an option for cupcakes)
  • vanilla-lemon (not an option for cupcakes)
  • raspberry buttercream
  • mascarpone-raspberry (not an option for cupcakes)
  • kinder bueno (chocolate, vanilla, biscuit)

Other options (without only basic decoration):

  • cheesecake with fruit (on crumb base)
  • carrot cake with mascarpone icing


You can see that some of the creams are not suitable for cupcakes. The reason behind is that these creams are a bit softer, therefore they are not as solid.