Frequently asked questions

1. Can I walk in and buy a cake?

Unfortunately this is not possible. Right now Floury Hands is a home-based bakery, fulfilling unique orders only. I am planning to open my very own cakeshop/café in the future, you can follow my Facebook page to stay updated.

2. Do you have gluten-, sugar-, lactose free options?

My cakes contain gluten, sugar and lactose. But I do have a very lovely chocolate cupcake which is free from all these ingredients. Please keep in mind, that I use all the allergens in my kitchen, therefore traces of sugar, gluten, etc. can be in all my creations.

3. What about nuts?

If you asked for a nut free flavour, then the cake/cupcakes/cookies don’t contain nuts, but again, traces of nuts could be found in all my sweets.

4. And vegan options?

Floury Hands has no vegan options. I use free range eggs, good quality butter, and I am definitely not a fan of margarine or vegetable shortening as the two main substitute for butter.

5. Is there a minimum order?

Yes. Cupcakes and decorated cookies can only be ordered by the dozen (12). Mini cupcakes and macarons can be ordered in pairs of dozens, so 24/48/72 etc.

6. How can I place an order?

Just send me a message by clicking here with the following information: What would you like to order? How many of it? When would you like to pick it up or have it delivered? What is your full name, address and also email address?

7. How far in advance should I place an order?

Usually it is enough to order 2 weeks in advance, however sometimes I do have fully booked weeks, and then unfortunately I cannot guarantee availability until your order is placed. Book your date as soon as possible and you can always get back to me about the design later. 🙂

8. Is a deposit required to place my order?

No, not at the time of ordering, but I do require a full payment 4 days before picking the cake (or cupcakes/cookies) up.

9. How can I pay?

You can transfer the full amount 4 days before pick up or delivery. You will see all the bank information needed on the invoice you receive via email.

10. Where can I pick up the cake?

I am located in the center of Leiden, at Druckerstraat 1a. Although, please keep in mind that this is my family’s home and not a shop.

11. Can I park there?

You can stop on the pavement for a minute either in front of our window on the Oude Vest, or on the Druckerstraat. For a longer stay (for eg. wedding cake consultation) you can park on Oude Vest (paid parking).

12. Can I pick up my order by bike?

If you ordered a cake or cupcakes, then please, don’t come by bike. It is not safe and I cannot take responsibility for any damage.

13. Do you deliver?

Yes, I usually do provide delivery for an additional price.
I say ‘usually’, because sometimes I either don’t have the time or the opportunity for delivery.

14. What does the price include?

It includes the cake/cupcakes/cookies (etc.), the packaging and 9% VAT (BTW).

15. Can I get a discount?

No, unfortunately I cannot give you a discount as this is my full time income. But if you would like to pay less, together we can try to find a different design, a “cheaper” solution. Also follow my Facebook page, as sometimes I do have a discount or even a giveaway. 🙂