Here you can find some businesses I work with and I know. They are all amazing and I highly recommend them. 🙂 (This is not a paid advertisement, don’t worry.) 😉 Also there are some bakers in the area who are great alternative if I am not available.


Cuddles & Music

“Cuddles and Music is a place to strengthen the bonding between parent and child and to experience different forms of stimulation and communication, already starting from prenatal age. I want to give opportunities for parents to really engage with their little ones in music and with baby massage. My favourite part of the job is seeing the special time each parent spends during the classes whilst massaging their baby, singing to their un-born baby or with their little one. I offer prenatal music, baby massage, music courses and house concerts.” /Anna


“I am Alena, the owner of Alena Masselink photography. Specialized in maternity, newborn, cake smash and family portrait sessions. I work with lots of passion and creativity in my home studio in Leiderdorp. All my sessions are tailored to my clients their wishes, using unique set-ups and beautiful handmade decorations. My cake smash sessions include amazing cakes made by Erika. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact me.” /Alena66474704_1579429828855571_864469009926455296_n (1).jpg


Other bakers in the area


Martina Cakes It Easy

“Hey there, cake lovers! If you’re reading this, it’s probably because the agenda of my dear friend, Erika from Floury Hands is totally full and you are hoping to find an alternative baker who could help you out. Well, I have good news! You can put those tissues back in your drawer, there is no need to cry. 😉 If you are in for a truly home-made-from-scratch cake/cupcakes/macarons… full of juicy and fresh flavor and also fancy a gentle and elegant look inspired by nature then you might want to take a look at or Bake a nice day!” /Martina





“Cups&Cakes provides homemade sweets for every occasion! Such as cookies, cakes and cupcakes.
‘Made and Sprinkled with love!’ since 2012. For an impression of my creations and contact information, take a look at Sweet regards!” /Nathalie



Nerea’s Fancy Cakes

Fresh, homemade traditional and personalized cakes baked from scratch with bio eggs, milk, grassbutter and cane caster sugar.
Also gluten, lactose, dairy, egg free and vegan.




De Heerlijke Taart



65786646_447957606027613_6950072497354047488_n.jpgIrene’s Bakery

“I am Irene and I live in Den Haag where I have my bakery.
My passion is to make lovely and delicious hand made cakes, cupcakes, cake pops and cookies! I like to make that for you with love” /Irene