Floral wedding cake with pastel colours

Marijam and Bilal tied the knot this Saturday in the Hague. They celebrated with this beautiful floral cake. 😍 I am so in love with these flowers. When I arrived at the venue I mentioned that I am from Floury Hands and I was asked if flowers are my trademark (because of “flowery hands”). I actually never thought about this connection and now I feel I have a light bulb hovering over my head. ☺ It makes so much sence. I love using flowers on my cakes very much. When I came up with this name the connection didn’t occur to me and I never guessed that one day I would be making this kind of cake. 🤭🤪 Thanks to @eetbare_bloemenshop for the stunning edible flowers! 😍
Congratulations Marijam and Bilal on your wedding! 🥰🥰