Hidden theme wedding cake

I am usually not a fan of hidden themes at a wedding, because I personally don’t like that type of fondant cakes. Fondant ruffles coming down from the top as a curtain and the theme is there on the back. Like Batman for example or anything else you can imagine. So together with this amazing couple we came up with the following idea: why not do a fault line cake in a different shape and with a marble effect. I happily accepted this order and then I started swearing. A lot. ‘How am I going to nail the marble effect and put the fault line where it has to be??’ I asked myself. I only had one chance. I placed the Guns ‘n Roses edible print on the cake and if the buttercream touches it, it is ruined. I pulled my sleeves up and after doing some research I became very confident and enthusiastic about this project. When you start to feel that it is going to work.
When it all came together I felt so emotional. I know that it is just a cake to many, but it was a masterpiece to me. (Ok, that might sound a bit arrogant…) 🙈
I was relieved, happy, definitely had some adrenaline in my body and I was very excited about what the couple will think. I was in love. 😊😍 I hope I start a new trend with this cake. 😊🤞
Congratulations Tessa and Pim on your big day! ♥️