Wouter&Irma’s wedding cake #1

Wouter and Irma had their wedding last Saturday in the center of Den Haag. It was really tricky to deliver the cakes as some streets were closed off and I tried to get there from the main station for about half an hour. Thankfully I left earlier, but the stress almost made me cry (and of course the gps wasn’t offering an alternative route)… So luckily I arrived there on time and I had time to take some photos there as well, I’ll show those after I’ve shared all the cakes.
So Wouter and Irma asked me to make one main cake, 3 smaller cakes and they also asked for the 50 cheesecake cups which you might have already seen. Decoration wise they mentioned that they would like white cakes with different textures and we all agreed to the use of edible flowers, berries and edible gold as the common point.
Here is cake number one, which is probably my favourite ever with this special frosting technique (I don’t even know what it is called actually). Under the vanilla buttercream you can see the 24k edible gold sheets and on top of the cake there are berries and beautiful edible flowers from http://www.eetbarebloemenshop.nl as decoration. What do you think? I am sooooo in love.